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East of Tuscany, lies an often overlooked land called Umbria. Known as "the green heart of Italy", villas in Umbria are surrounded luscious rolling hills, olive groves and vineyards. The region is also rich in art, culture and history. Staying at one of our luxury Umbria villas will put you in some it Italy’s most fascinating and sacred territory.

Umbria villas are ideal for folks who want to savor a relaxed countryside experience.


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A region of incredible natural beauty, history and art.

Positioned in the very heart of Italy, the region of Umbria shares some qualities in common with Tuscany, its more familiar neighbor, yet distinguishes itself by unique landscapes, a rich culinary heritage and a strong identification with Italy’s mystical past. Rolling hills claim much of the Umbrian landscape, and olive groves and vineyards flourish, as in Tuscany, enhancing the region’s reputation as a producer of quality wines and olive oils. But the Umbrian countryside also yields delicacies less commonly seen: wonderful truffles and special varieties of celery, lentils and wild asparagus give a unique character to the local cuisine.

Umbria is the birthplace of Saint Francis, Saint Clare, and Saint Rita. It holds a very important place in the history of art and literature, with famous painters such as Pinturicchio, and poets such as Jacopone Da Todi. Important towns in Umbria are Perugia, Spoleto, Todi, Gubbio, Norcia, Assisi, Orvieto. The Umbria Jazz festival is held in Perugia every year, and the Festival Dei Due Mondi takes place in Spoleto. Norcia is famous for its truffles, while exquisite ceramics can be found in Deruta. Perugia is known for chocolate. Some beautiful natural places to visit while in Umbria are the Marmore Falls and Lake Trasimeno.

Like Tuscany, too, Umbria claims its share of Etruscan and Roman ruins, along with well-preserved medieval hill towns—Gubbio, Todi, Spello and Spoleto being enchanting examples of their kind. But when one traces Umbria’s history a distinct mystical element emerges. From the passage of monks along the Via Flaminia in Roman times to the later lifetimes and legacies of St. Francis and St. Benedict, Umbria evolved to be and remains a terra dei santi, or “land of saints”—rich with shrines, hermitages and monasteries. Many Umbrian towns are still livened each year by festivals in homage to their patron saints.

Umbria is a region of incredible natural beauty, history and art...and, of course, marvelous villas from which to enjoy it all.

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