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Renting a villa in the Lucca area places you at the hub of one of the most captivating, cultural and historic regions in Tuscany. Lucca’s mammoth belt of tree-topped battlements provides spectacular, panoramic views of Renaissance remains—plus the ancient Roman street grid and ruins. And a Lucca villa also places you at the heart of Italy’s magnificent wine country, all while only a short distance from a plethora of other Gothic villages.


Exploring Lucca

Music is in the air

Lucca is a delightful, graceful small city near the coast in Tuscany north of Pisa. Rich in history, culture, beauty and music. Originally a Roman city, it was later the capital of Tuscany. Lucca is known for its medieval walls, topped by a wide promenade just right for strolling, bicycling and viewing the surrounding mountains, as well as for its olive oil, elegant shops and restaurants, grand villas and beautiful gardens (many are open to the public). Lucca is just 60 minutes from Florence, 20 minutes from Pisa, and 30 minutes from the beach and Forte dei Marmi. It's an ideal base from which to explore the Tuscan hill towns, enjoy the beach and hike the Cinqueterre. Opera is given every night in Lucca.

Puccini, born here in Lucca, sang in the choir at San Michele in Foro, the stupendous church dominating Lucca’s vibrant main square—Piazza San Michele—built on the remnants of a Roman forum. Only a block away, a charming museum now occupies the renowned composer’s boyhood home, complete with original scores from his early works and other memorabilia that will delight music lovers.

Standouts among Lucca’s many landmarks include:

  • The peculiarly asymmetrical Duomo di San Martino, home to artworks by Pisano, della Quercia, Ghirlandaio and Tintoretto,
  • The striking San Freudian, distinguished by mosaics both inside and on the façade, and
  • The Piazza dell’ Anfiteatro, a huge medieval square, curiously retains an ancient Roman theater’s shape

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