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Chianti villas position wine lovers at the epicenter of Italy’s most famous wine region and among some of the country's most heartbreakingly beautiful scenery. Charming medieval hill towns reveal ancient churches and castles, surrounded by the classic Tuscan landscape of rustic farmhouses tucked among its hills. Visit Siena, Florence, San Gimignano, Volterra, Greve or Panzano. Follow the ancient wine road that runs between Florence and Siena — stopping at vineyards along the way for tours and tastings. From your Chianti villa, you’ll instantly appreciate how the region today epitomizes all that Tuscany represents as a land of inexhaustible culinary, cultural and historical fascination—along with jaw-dropping natural beauty.


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Think of Chianti for wine, food, alabaster, leather, olive oil & incredible natural beauty.

There’s something about Chianti, a kind of infectious magic that renders the area so much more than the sum of its—albeit admirable—parts, and captures the imaginations of visitors from around the world. Stretching between the two sparkling Tuscan cities of Florence and Siena, the rolling Chianti landscape is a verdant patch- work of vineyards and olive groves, alternating with wilder wooded areas.

Many of the walled medieval towns and castles that majestically crown the Chianti hills were built, like others across Italy, on the foundations of Roman civilization. Siena and Florence thrived during the Middle Ages (as did Lucca and Pisa) because of their agricultural wealth and their success as centers of international finance and trade. Florence, of course, became a world leader during the Renaissance, when Tuscany set a new cultural standard for all of Europe. The significance of all this for us as visitors to the area is simply that Chianti today epitomizes Tuscany — a land of jaw-dropping natural beauty and inexhaustible cultural and historical fascination. 

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