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Ask Italians for their favorite part of Italy and it is surprising how many will answer–Puglia.  Its simple magic will steal your heart.  Words like honest, natural, peaceful and open come to mind. Puglia is most known for spectacular beaches, rugged coastlines and crystal clear turquoise seas. Puglia villas welcome you to a land of beauty, delicious fresh food and warm people people. All things that make Puglia an extraordinary destination.

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Puglia is so wonderful, it simply makes one glad to be alive.

Puglia, Italy’s southern most region, the heel of the boot, remains unspoiled and still undiscovered. With stunning landscapes of ancient olive trees and two coastlines of pristine beaches, Puglia offers magical scenery, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, unique trulli architecture, caves, castles, great shopping and some of the best food and wine in Italy. Puglia is the largest producer of olive oil in Italy and has more than 50 million olive trees, including some that are a thousand years old.

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