Lazio regional cuisine is flavorful and rich in meats and vegetables and unlike other regions in Italy, Lazio's cuisine has a hint of Jewish influence. Here are some of our favorite restaurants in the region. 

Note that our restaurant listings for Rome can be found separately in our Rome Restaurant Guide.

Lake Bracciano

Al Capannone, Via Garibaldi 101, (039 06) 9999036. A nice place for lunch with a lovely view of the lake. It serves fish dishes.

Sabine Hills

Bistro di Rita, Via San Rufo, 25, (039 0746) 218507.

Il Castello di Vacone, center of the village of Vacone, (039 0746) 676890. Guests dine in an old medieval castle with its original brick oven still intact. The cooking is done by Signore Lucio and served by his son.

Le Fattorie Caracciolo, Str.Colle Campana, (039 0765) 607731

La Foresteria, Via Forcella, 8, (+30 0746) 670764. Located near the ruins of the Roman villa of Lucius Cotta, Julius Caesar’s brother in law. An intimate spot with home-made food and the possibility of a romantic little garden in the winter sun.

La Rocca, Via del Campanile, 18, (039 0765) 63671. Run by Count Robio Tacci in his personal residence. The atmosphere is intimate and romantic, and the food is prepared by the Count’s wife, Luciana.

La Vecchia Quercia, Via Tenerello, 13, (039 0765) 519207. Wonderful! Try to leave room for the creative, delicious sorbet selection.