Here are some of our favorite restaurants in the Italian Riviera and Cinque Terre.

Marina Piccola, Via Lo Scalo, 16, (039 0187) 920923. At the end of the main street leading to, and right on, the ocean, has views overlooking the sea. It is difficult to find a table here for lunch unless you arrive early.

Trattoria Il Porticciolo, Via Birolli, 92, (039 0187) 920083. On the main street leading down to the ocean in this charming village, one of the five charming villages of Cinqueterre. This family restaurant serves lovely seafood specialties. Their seafood salads are inexpensive and perfect for lunch if you are walking from village to village in the lovely Cinqueterre area north of la Spezia.

Locanda Miranda, Via Fiascherino, 92, (039 0187) 964012. The finest fish restaurant you can imagine. Located on the beautiful Gulf of Poets, sea view rooms are available. This is our top choice to stay for 3 nights, half board. Dine on exquisite fish at night and hike the spectacular Cinqueterre by day. We also love the walk on the hills above Tellaro to Lerice.

San Remo

Ulisse, Via P. Semeria, 620, (039 0184) 670338. Located on top of the hill overlooking San Remo and the sea. Highly recommended for the quality food and pleasant atmosphere. Private parking. Try the “Pennette all’Ulisse” (pasta with a large variety of fishes).

Gambero Rosso, Via Matteotti Giacomo, 71, (039 0184) 572469. Specializing in “pesci alla brace” (grilled fish) but has fantastic meals from antipasto to dolci featuring the local seafood. This restaurant, in the heart of old San Remo, features impeccable service and friendly helpful staff.

Da Giannino, Corso Trento e Trieste, 23, (039 0184) 504014. A well-known, very expensive and very fashionable restaurant. It has a fine wine selection, excellent service and presentation. It is near the yacht club. Reservations required.

Pizzeria Il Galeone, Corso Marconi, 59, (039 0184) 663058. A typical restaurant and pizzeria. The pasta dishes, salad and the fishes are memorable. Medium price range and good food. Excellent desserts.

La Piazzetta del Basilico, Via Pallavicino Giorgio, 13, (039 0184) 506567. A friendly and inexpensive restaurant with a great fish menu. Particularly nice ambiance. The restaurant name translates to basilicum square. You will understand the meaning once inside the restaurant.

Da Gabry, Via Monte Ortigara, 43, (039 0184) 670038. A typical restaurant in the hamlet of Coledirodi on the panoramic hill—fresh pasta, Ligurian rabbit. Prices are reasonable.

Baia Beniamin, Corso Europa, 63, (039 0184) 38002. Exclusive restaurant in a charming bay a few miles from the French border. Seafront view, exotic garden and private parking. Romantic atmosphere. Reservations required.

Balzi Rossi, Via Balzi Rossi, 2, (039 0184) 38132. Close to the French border. A very elegant restaurant with a breathtaking sea view. High quality food and excellent service. Charming atmosphere. Private parking. Reservations required.

Outside San Remo

Da Gastone, Piazza Garibaldi 2, (039 0184) 206577. English menu. Excellent food and service.

La Greppia, Corso Nizza, 107, (039 0184) 226063. Near Hanbury Botanic Gardens La Mortola. A very good restaurant.

I Torchi, Via al Mare, 10, (039 0184) 514603. Located in Bussana downtown close to artist’s village. An old olive mill directly on the sea.