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Travel Protection

Doorways highly recommends purchasing trip cancellation protection and we suggest you purchase it as soon as you make your first deposit for your trip. Travel protection will help protect you in the unlikely event that you have to cancel your trip or have a medical emergency while you are traveling, but also provides coverage for lost luggage, missed connections and many other unexpected calamities.

You can purchase your own travel protection or you can purchase through Doorways. You can purchase your own travel protection or you can purchase through Doorways. We recommend and offer plans through Travel Insured. We are not licensed to issue plans in all states (including NY), but you can call Travel Insured directly and they will issue your plan: 800-243-3174.

When to purchase Travel Protection for best coverage

You can purchase your travel protection plan up until 24 hours before your trip, but you will get the best coverage (i.e., waiver of the pre-existing conditions clause) if you purchase within 21 days of your initial trip deposit. 

What type of Travel Protection is best for you?

Various upgrades are available only at the time you purchase your policy, including protection for work issues or even cancelling for any reason. Call or email to discuss the best type of coverage for you.

Calculating your premium

To calculate your premium, divide the total non-refundable costs by the number of people to get a per person trip cost. Payments for your villa are non-refundable, as are many airline tickets. The plan includes up to $500 reimbursement for airline ticket change fees. You do not have to purchase coverage for refundable costs such as rental cars.

If you find the coverage confusing (most customers do), we are happy to help you calculate your premium.

To Purchase Travel Protection through Doorways

Let us know if you would like us to give you a travel protection quote on the trip order form.

To give you a quote we will need:

  • Names of everyone in your party
  • Contact information (address, telephone, email)
  • Exact birth dates
  • Travel dates (date you leave home/date you return home)
  • Any non-refundable costs in addition to your villa or apartment, such as airfare
  • A beneficiary (this can be your estate, if you have a will)

Read the Travel Insured International brochure then complete and fax or email the trip order form.

When submitting the trip order form, if you do not wish to purchase travel protection, please opt out by checking the appropriate box.

To Purchase Travel Protection through Travel Insured

Visit Travel Insured

Buy travel protection from Travel Insured International