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About Us

Welcome to Doorways!

Doorways, Ltd., has been renting vacation villas and apartments in Europe since 1994, when president and founder Kit Burns launched the company's Italian division from the living room of her Bryn Mawr home. Since that day, Doorways has expanded its services to include rentals in France, Spain and a few top villas in London and the Caribbean as well. Our staff, too, has grown — and we have moved to a more spacious office— just down the street from the original. But Doorways' most essential and definitive characteristic remains unchanged: our staff is still committed to offering a uniquely personal touch in helping you plan your ideal independent travel vacation. We are proud of this commitment to first-rate personal service and believe it sets us apart, among rental agents.

What is Independent travel?

Doorways caters first and foremost to travelers who are thrilled by the prospect of living as the locals do in a delightful European locale — enjoying the novelties of a foreign climate and culture while making independent choices on a day-to-day basis about where to go and what to see or do. This is the essence of the independent travel tradition, also referred to as the self-catering vacation. (For travelers seeking full-service accommodations, including housekeeping and chef services, Doorways offers a number of very special serviced properties; please inform us of this preference when you first contact us.) Years of experience have shown us that the most precious service anyone can offer the independent traveler is information — information about every aspect of the travel and rental experience, including the minute details of what to expect at the villa, the train station, the museum, or car rental office. We also tell you what to look forward to: the breathtaking botanical garden, tucked away and overlooked behind a crumbling wall, or that amazing gelato shop just around the corner.

But can't I get information from a guidebook?

Yes, and no. Certainly not the kind of detailed, personally directed information our staff is qualified to provide. From your first contact with Doorways, you will find yourself in very attentive and capable hands. To begin, one of our well-trained European specialists will guide you through the important process of selecting just the right property for your trip. Whether your party is one of friends or family, or a group celebrating a special occasion or planning a professional workshop, we are eager to help you find the ideal accommodations among our exceptional selection of distinctive accommodations in Italy, France, and Spain. Because we have visited each of the properties we represent, we can speak to you about each one from personal experience. In addition, we will be happy to put you in touch with a client who has previously stayed in the very residence you are considering.

What else can I expect in choosing Doorways?

In addition to offering valuable one-on-one advice about train reservations, rental cars, drivers and guides, cell phones, hotels and travel insurance, our staff will provide you with our own travel tips and restaurant guide, a list of books and films you might enjoy in preparing for your trip, a newsletter and even special suggestions for traveling with children. All of these materials reflect our many years' combined experience as enthusiastic travelers, as well as the wonderful feedback we continually receive from satisfied clients. Doorways' network of valuable contacts extends to our many property owners as well. Working directly with the owners whenever possible, we seek to create an atmosphere of hospitality that will make you feel instantly at home, both while we assist with your arrangements and once you have arrived at your European destination. We are confident that this comprehensive and attentive service is the primary reason why so much of our business comes from returning customers and their friends.