1. Visit the Ceramics and Copper Works

Starting from Teramo, go to Castelli, famous for its beautiful borgo and unique ceramics works. Don’t forget to see the church of San Donato, considered the Sistine Chapel of Abruzzo. Its roof is made out of Castelli ceramic tiles. From Castelli, go to Tossicia, once the residence of the Marquis Mendoza. Tossicia is famous for its copper work.

Near Tossicia is the Sanctuary of San Gabriele, the saint of the young people. Visit the old and new sanctuaries and the museum dedicated to San Gabriele. You can also see a bell donated by John F. Kennedy. From San Gabriele take the highway to Giulianova, on the sea, for a nice stroll along the boardwalk and a great seafood dinner at the Columbus restaurant.

2. Tour the Roman Ruins of Teramo

Explore the city of Teramo, with its Roman ruins, including the ancient Roman theater, the Amphitheater, and all the ancient churches, such as Sant’Anna church, in the neighborhood of “Torre Bruciata”, originally built in the 9th century. Look below you, when you walk on the plexiglass floor, to see the Roman ruins. Stop for an afternoon coffee and pastry at the San Marco, the San Matteo or the Duomo coffee bars, located in the main streets of the town. The latter is located right near the main church, where the very important “paliotto” and “politico” are kept.

3. Theaters and Grottos

Visit the Castle of Manfrino, theater of many myths, with gorgeous views. Stop to see the nearby grottos of the Salinello, with its gorges. Spend the afternoon at the National Park of Gran Sasso and Monti Della Laga.

4. Hike in the Mountains

Spend the day hiking in the mountains. You can follow a hiking guide book or have guided excursions on the Gran Sasso. Or spend the day in the enchanting town of Capestrano.

5. From the Beach to the Markets

Another relaxing day, either along the coast at the beach (there is a very long stretch beginning in Martinsicuro and ending in Pescara), or at the thermal spas in Caramanico Terme, near Sulmona. If you opt for the beach, there is a nice open air market in Giulianova on Thursday mornings. For dinner, try the small restaurant “Lo Spagnolo” to enjoy the best “arrosticini” (it’s a type of meat on skewers, typical of the Abruzzo region). You will have to reserve in advance.

6. L’Aquila

Spend the day in L’Aquila, and visit this fascinating town at the foot of the Gran Sasso mountains. The Spanish Castle is worth a visit, and the fountain of the 99 spouts. Don’t forget to visit the necropolis of Fossa and the Amphitheater of Aminterno.

7. Ladyhawk and the Holy Face

Visit the castle of Calascio in Roccacalascio, where the movie “Ladyhawk” was filmed. Nearby find the village of Manoppello, with the Sanctuary of the “Holy Face.” According to legend, this veil represents the figure of Christ. End your day in Sulmona, birthplace of the Latin poet Ovidio. See the historical buildings and the factory of the Pelino confetti candy, considered the original.

8. Go Shopping in Pescara

Shopping day in Pescara. Also, you can visit the house of one of the most celebrated Italian poets and writers, Gabriele D’Annunzio.

9. Grottos and Local Wildlife

Visit the Stiffe Grottos. Drive through Pratola Peligna to reach the Gorges of Sagittario, a beautiful WWF Oasis, where it is possible to spot wild animals, such as wolves and bears.

10. The Fortress of Civitella

Go to the Fortress of Civitella, an ancient construction of the 11th century. This fortress was very important in the Italian war for unification, as it was the very last one to fall under the enemy. Drive down to the scenic Vibrata Valley, to go back to the cities along the coast.

11. Medieval Chieti and the Warrior of Capistrano

Visit the city of Chieti, a Roman town and important medieval center. Very important is the Pinacoteca Barbella, where works of many Abruzzese artists are preserved, along with the famous warrior of Capestrano.

12. Tour Cities Along the Adriatic Sea

Visit the city of Atri, considered by many to be the birthplace of the emperor Hadrian. It is one of the most ancient cities in Abruzzo. It is said that the name Adriatic Sea derives from the city of Atri. You can see the medieval walls, and the caves, partly inexplored, probably with some prehistoric origin. From Atri, drive down to the coastal cities of Pineto and Silvi Marina.

Before You Leave

Revisit the places you loved the most or to see something you missed. Reflect on all you've done and save the rest for next time. Arrivederci!