1. Sightsee in Seville

View from Giralda Tower, Seville, Italy

Seville's Gothic Cathedral, the third largest in the world, is the burial place of Christopher Columbus. Enjoy a fantastic view of the city from the Giralda - the Cathedral's old Moorish minaret. Stroll along the river. Spend the afternoon at the Archeology Museum on Plaza de America, then dine at Casa Robles (Alvarez Quintero, 58, Tel. 34 95 421 3150).

2. Tour the Jewish Quarter

Santa Cruz Quarter, Seville, Spain

Seville's old Jewish quarter, Santa Cruz, is the oldest part of the city and its most picturesque neighborhood. Explore narrow winding alleyways to find hidden plazas, whitewashed houses with flower-decked courtyards, and an assortment of good bars and restaurants. Try the Arab-style baths and tearoom Baños Arabes. Dinner at Suabia (Tel. 95 456 1496) - be sure to try the gazpacho! Get tickets to Lope de Vega Theatre (Ave de Maria Luisa; Tel 95 459 08 53).

3. A Day of Ceramics Shopping

Colorful Ceramic Plates, Seville, Spain

Begin in Triana, the Gypsy quarter. Ceramic factories have colorful items: La Cartuja (Calle Alfonso XII, 25), Ceramica Santa Ana (San Jorge 31, with its beautiful tiled façade) and Forja Hispalense (Calle Feria, 130) for wrought iron. Head to San Pablo for mantillas and embroidery. Try Feliciano Foronda (Alvarez Quintero, 52). Calle Sierpes, Tetuán, and Huelva are packed with shoe shops; Nicolas (Sierpes 49 and branches in other locations) has a great selection. If you have a sweet tooth, you can buy homemade goodies at the convent of San Leandro (Plaza de San Ildofonso).

4. Boat Trip to Huelva

Ships of Christopher Columbus, La Rabida, Huelva, Spain

Take a boat trip to Huelva. Explore the city of Christopher Columbus, with a number of attractions celebrating his discovery of the New World, then relax on the beach.

5. Have You Ever Been to a Bullfight?

Matador at Maestranza Bullring, Seville, Spain

Visit the Casa Palacio de Guardiola. See a bullfight at the Maestranza Bullring (Paseo de Christobal Colon 12, Tel. 95 422 45 77).

6. Explore the Torre de Oro

Torre de Oro, Seville, Spain

Explore the Torre de Oro, an old Moorish river guarding fort. Legend has it that this beautiful tower was originally tiled in gold; now it houses a maritime museum. Visit the Alcazar Palace. Wander by the Macarena Gate and church, with its weeping statue of the Virgin Mary. Stop for lunch in a tapas bar, then visit the Palacio de la Condesa de Lebrija. See a Flamenco show.

7. Go on a Walking Tour

Plaza Nueva, Seville, Spain

Begin at Town Hall, saunter through the Plaza Nueva to the Museo de Bellas Artes on Plaza del Museo. Make a reservation at the restaurant El Burladero (Tel. 95 422 29 00). Stop at the Iglesia de Santa Maria. The Reyes Catolicos is the main avenue to the river, with shops and outdoor cafés. Cross the Puente de Isabel II, built in 1729, and lunch in a restaurant overlooking the river. Spend the afternoon at Casa de Pilatos and the Jardines de Murillo.

8. A Day to Relax or Visit a Museum

Museum of Arts and Traditions, Seville, Spain

Take a day to relax of visit the Museum of Arts and Traditions in Luisa Park. 

9. Take a Train to Carmona

Carmona, Spain

Take a train to Carmona. This walled city dates back to the 1st Century, B.C., when the Romans arrived. The Arabs built fortresses, and during the Renaissance, wonderful palaces were built here. Have lunch at Casa de Carmona (Tel. 954 144 151).

10. Go on a Picnic

Doñana National Park, Seville, Spain

Take a picnic to the Doñana National Park on the southwestern coast. This is one of Europe's most important wetland reserves and a major site for migrating birds. Birdwatchers - bring your binoculars!

11. Hospital de los Venerables

Hospital de los Venerables, Seville, Spain

The 17th-century Convent of San Jose and the Hospital de los Venerables are worth visiting. The Museum of Contemporary Arts on Santa Tomás is located in a palace and features works of 20th century Spanish artists. Stop for lunch at Casa Romána, (Venerables Square 1, Tel. 954228483), then spend the afternoon exploring the narrow streets of the area.

12. Tour the ancient Roman city of Italica

Ruins of Italica, Seville, Spain

Visit Italica, the ancient Roman city that was the birthplace of Hadrian.

13. Explore San Bartolome

Tapas Bar, Seville, Spain

Explore San Bartolome. Begin at the Puerta de la Carne, then continue to the 18th-century Parish Church of San Nicolas, with its rococo interior. Relax in the square of Santa Maria la Blanca and have lunch in a tapas bar.

14. In April, Go to the Feria

Feria de Abril, Spain

The month of April hosts the Feria, a week-long festival. Everyone wears brightly colored clothes and ride horses and carriages. If you want to go, you must book a year in advance.

Before You Leave

Revisit the places you loved the most or to see something you missed. Reflect on all you've done and save the rest for next time. ¡Hasta pronto!