1. Relax at the BeachBeach at Lido de Jesolo, near Venice, Italy

Recover from your jetlag by spending a relaxing day at the Lido di Venezia. If you are there in early September, don't miss the Film Festival. You just might spot a famous movie star! Other beaches where you can relax are Caorle and Jesolo.

2. Vicenza for Fabulous Food and Romeo's Castle

Basilica Palladiana, Vicenza, Italy

Pick up a map at the tourist office, which marks all of the buildings in the area designed by Palladio. Stop on the way at the Gelateria Brustolon (closed Tues), the city's best gelateria! If it's too cold for ice cream, enjoy a nice hot chocolate at any of the cafes in town. Enjoy delicious pastries at the "offelerie." The best one is Bolzani, just right near the Teatro Olimpico. Enjoy a nice lunch at Righetti, near the Teatro delle Poste. In the afternoon, visit the village of Montecchio Maggiore to visit the ruins of Romeo's castle.

3. See the Architecture and Frescoes of Padua

Padua, Italy

Visit Padua to see its archtecture, University, open market, and the Capella degli Scrovegni for the beautiful Giotto frescoes. Don't forget to visit the three main squares, where the open market is held every day: Piazza delle Erbe, Piazza dei Signori, Piazza della Frutta. You can rest at the beautiful Prato della Valle before visiting Petrarca's house, or take a boat tour along the Brenta river.

4. Enjoy a Day in Venice

Saint Mark's Square, Doge's Palace and San Giorgio di Maggiore, Venice, Italy

Explore Venice, and get an early start to watch the boats unload the day's supplies. Visit Piazza San Marco and all the tourist sights, including the Doge's palace, the Basilica, Ca D'Oro, and the Ghetto. Go to Murano to visit the glass factories and shop for souvenirs. Continue to Burano for lace and gorgeous (and expensive) masks. End your day in Venice by visiting Torcello. Once inhabited by 20,000 people, fewer than 80 call Torcello home today.

5. What's in a Name? 

Juliet's Balcony, Veneto, Italy

In Verona, among the many things to visit are Juliet's house and the famous Arena, where many concerts are held (some free) during the summer — everything from rock and pop to classical.

6. Visit Lake Garda

Pescheria on Lake Garda, Italy

Visit Lake Garda, start with with Peschiera del Garda, then on to Sirmione, and finally Riva del Garda, where you can scuba dive in the lake.

7. Wine Tours

Travel to Colli Euganei for wine tours. Visit the village of Arqua' Petrarca, native village of the poet Petrarca. Then relax at the thermal spa in Abano Terme.

8. Marostica & Bassano del Grappa

Ponte Vecchio and Bassano del Grappa, Veneto, Italy

Visit Marostica. Don't miss the chess game (real people act as chess pieces) held here every two years (held on years ending in even numbers). Spend the afternoon in Bassano del Grappa.

9. Treviso

Treviso, italy

Spend the day in Treviso.

10. Gardens and Butterflies

Castel Trauttsmandorff, Merano, Italy

Visit Asolo, Belluno and the Dolomiti. Don't forget the Castel Trauttmansdorff in Merano, with its beautiful gardens and greenhouse with butterflies. Then stop by Pieve Di Cadore and visit the house of the painter, Tiziano.

11. Tour Along the River Po

Fratta Polesine and Villa Badoer, Polesine Area, Italy

Visit the city of Rovigo and the Polesine area that runs along the river Po.

12. Enjoy a Spa Day!Recoaro Terme, Italy

Another thermal spa, this time in Recoaro Terme, famous for its mineral waters.

Before You Leave

Revisit the places you loved the most or to see something you missed. Reflect on all you've done and save the rest for next time. Arrivederci!