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Currency Adjustments

Dear Guest,

The shifts in exchange rates affect you because you are traveling to Europe and the shifts also affect Doorways because we collect payment from you in dollars and in most cases pay owners in Euro. To protect our company from losses due to fluctuating currency, we set a protected range when establishing our prices for the year. If the dollar strengthens outside this range, we give money back to you, and if the dollar weakens, we have to collect additional funds. In most cases, though, the dollar stays within the safe range and then your price does not change.

Overnight indication range from Western Union June 27


Currencies                                          Low           High

EUR - Euro                                      1.1221        1.1329

GBP - British Pound                      1.2765        1.2822


Market News

"A broadly weaker U.S. dollar flirted with two-week lows in central bank- driven trade. The euro soared nearly a percent to mid-June highs after a bullish message from European Central Bank President Mario Draghi unleashed a wave of euro-buying. Mr. Draghi played up economic prospects and played down cooler inflation, potentially setting the stage for bankers to upgrade their policy stance to neutral in the months ahead. The euro spiked, coming close to 2017 highs. The euro’s climb saw other European units, like sterling and the Swiss franc, follow suit. The broadly weaker buck managed a one-month high against the yen, and could be in line to rebound as soon as lunchtime when Fed chair Janet Yellen speaks at 1 p.m. ET in London. The loonie firmed 0.25% thanks to a 1% spike in oil to nearly $44. Today’s report on U.S. consumer confidence is forecast to moderate from strong levels."

In 2000 and in 2001 Doorways gave refunds to guests after they paid their final bill. Everyone was very happy then! For the beginning of 2008, we had to collect extra money but for recent years, there has been no adjustment up or down. Customers renting properties for 2017 may be charged a currency adjustment on the unpaid balance, according to the exchange rate, but it is more likely to be in their favor this year. Here's hoping that the dollar continues to strengthen in time for your trip!

Kit Burns, President
Doorways Villa Vacations 

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