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Currency Adjustments

Dear Guest,

The shifts in exchange rates affect you because you are traveling to Europe and the shifts also affect Doorways because we collect payment from you in dollars and in most cases pay owners in Euro. To protect our company from losses due to fluctuating currency, we set a protected range when establishing our prices for the year. If the dollar strengthens outside this range, we give money back to you, and if the dollar weakens, we have to collect additional funds. In most cases, though, the dollar stays within the safe range and then your price does not change.                

Overnight Indication Range May 21, 2019 from Western Union:                                                          


Currencies                                          Low           High

EUR - Euro                                      1.1189        1.1223

GBP - British Pound                       1.2737        1.2799

Market News

"America’s dollar was the dominant currency Tuesday as it glided to a range of new highs. The euro and yen fell to multiweek lows while the British pound slumped to a new four-month trough. Australia’s dollar was back under pressure and near four-month lows. Buoyant markets, oil in particular, supported Canada’s dollar against the otherwise stronger greenback. The buck is on the move higher thanks to stronger U.S. data of late and remarks from Fed officials that stopped short of validating market expectations of a rate cut later this year. Both the data, like the rosiest consumer sentiment in 15 years, and the Fed comments have pushed U.S. Treasury yields higher, boosting the dollar’s allure. Moreover, the greenback is finding further fuel from sterling weakness and hints from Australia about a possible imminent reduction in area interest rates. The week’s main event looms Wednesday when the Fed issues the minutes of its last meeting."

In 2000 and in 2001 Doorways gave refunds to guests after they paid their final bill. Everyone was very happy then! For the beginning of 2008, we had to collect extra money but for recent years, there has been no adjustment up or down. Customers renting properties for 2018 may be charged a currency adjustment on the unpaid balance, according to the exchange rate. Here's hoping that the dollar strengthens in time for your trip!

Kit Burns, President
Doorways Villa Vacations 

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