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January 2006 Newsletter: Shopping in Italy

For the Kids: Fun Stuff to Buy in Italy

- Carnevale masks are a tradition in Venice. You can hang them on your wall when you get home.

- Visit cartolerie (stationary stores) or tabacchi to find interesting and unusual school and craft supplies. Use them to make a trip journal. Marbleized paper, glass pens and sealing wax make great gifts.

- You can find unusual playing cards and magnets in museum gift shops.

- Buy postcards of places you visit. Add them to your photo album or trip journal when you get home. You can even make a game by purchasing postcards on the way into a museum; then see if you can find the real thing inside.

- Start a collection. Shop for figurines of Pinocchio or models of the Colosseum. Buy hats or emblems of Italian cars such as Maserati, Ferrari, Fiat, and Lamborghini.

- Shop for inexpensive souvenirs and gifts at outdoor markets. You can buy a leather bracelet in Florence's San Lorenzo market for one euro.

- Here are some other cool things to buy: Labello lip balms (classic or flavored), Invicta backpacks, soccer gear.